SAP Consulting

Implementation of SAP software from scratch and SAP roll-out


Software implementation projects including the creation of implementation concept, carrying out configuration and tests, preparation for the productive start and post-implementation support. Full control over the planned budget and work schedule. Projects covered by a fixed budget, based on the analysis of customer needs.



SAP software optimization


Projects based on the definition of specific business objectives or attributes of the system performance. Implementation of new functionalities. Software tuning by industry professionals.



SAP users trainings


Trainings based on the client or PrimeGlobal test system with full documentation are defined on the basis of the analysis of the organization and users needs or based on SAP Poland training standard.



Application service and BASIS service


Service application tailored to the needs of customers, based on direct access to consultants or service call handling system (AlloyNavigator Software license). Service includes technical administration of SAP installation, changes in hardware infrastructure as well as upgrade and update performance.



Expert consulting resources database


Database including dozens of experienced, certified consultants, specializing in solutions based on SAP ERP, SAP Retail, SAP BO, SAP WMS standards, mobile solutions and planning tools.

SAP FI/CO Products

InSAPQuick Cash Register – fast cash payments settlement


The standard cash register in SAP (FBCJ) is a good tool to manage cash in office cash registers. In the sales process, during the cash payments settlement, where the time and ergonomics are the most important aspects, it turns out that the standard SAP functionality is not enough. Dedicated application inSAP - Quick Cash Register provides faster customer service and saves a lot of work connected with the settlement of payments with the invoices in the accounting department.



InSAPCustomerView optimum insight into the customer file


inSAPCustomerView is an extension of the standard SAP customer file with an additional tab containing the most frequently used information about the client. This solution helps to avoid the necessity of running several system transactions and reports. As a result, the solution significantly reduces the working time during the analysis of customer data.



inSAP  Period Management  Automatic management of periods in SAP (FI, CO, MM)


SAP provides separate management of the settlement periods in FI, CO and MM modules.  To avoid disruption to business operation we offer a solution that automatically opens and closes periods in particular modules of the system and eliminates the risk of  posting in previous periods by unauthorized users.



inSAPClosing Cockpit – FI/CO efficient period-end closing


Closing Cockpit  is a standard SAP tool for managing period-end closing in finance and controlling. Closing Cockpit is very helpful, wherever periodically repetitive tasks are done, for which there is more than one person responsible, which must be completed in a correct order and for which the final result should be clear and documented. Our solution allows you to reduce and automate the settlement process and thus faster obtain information on the financial result.



inSAP CO-PA tuning – efficient reporting in CO-PA


CO-PA (market segments profitability analysis) is a standard SAP module for collecting income and expense data in many dimensions. It is an ideal tool for margin current reporting at all levels with a dynamic drilldown from general to specific. It happens, however, that after a long term usage of the module, the time needed for reporting large amounts of CO-PA data significantly increases. Inefficient CO-PA also affects the time of recording operational data such as invoices and deliveries, slowing down the basic processes that are supported by the system. InSAP CO-PA tuning is a set of configuration and software improvements that restore the optimum performance of the module. Consequently, system resources are relieved and the reporting speeds up significantly, thereby enabling faster decision-making.



inSAPInvoice Split – distribution of the invoice amount into net and VAT amount


According to tax regulations the exchange difference arising from the VAT is not regarded as tax expense or revenue. Such a situation occurs when issuing or receiving an invoice in foreign currency from a domestic partner. To avoid time-consuming separation of exchange differences arising from the VAT, many companies choose to pay the net amount in foreign currency and the VAT amount in local currency. In this case, the invoice on the customer or vendor account should be booked in two entries (net amount and VAT amount). SAP system standard does not support this process.  InSAPInvoice Split enables such posting.



inSAPCompensationOffer – compensation automatic proposal


InSAPCompensationOffer is an application dedicated to counterparties for generating a compensation proposal together with all the printouts. Manual preparation of data set for compensation is very time consuming, sometimes resulting in resigning from issuing such documents. Automating this process positively affects the liquidity and significantly reduces the working time of the accounting department.



inSAP Value per Storage Location – analysis of stock value at storage locations


inSAP Value per Storage Location is a dedicated SAP report for the analysis of the stock value in particular storage locations and of the special stocks such as consignment. The report therefore facilitates inventory value control, reduces the time required for preparing detailed statements and helps to avoid continuous compilation of data from several SAP standard reports.



inSAPSpeedCollect - automatic import and settlement of payments


InSAPSpeedCollect is an application integrating the SpeedCollect banking service in the SAP system. It is based on importing files with information about the payments on the day of payment (a few files per day) prior to receiving the bank statement. Thus, we gain faster access to information about the incoming payments from the customers and easier identification of payers (the possibility of linking with virtual bank accounts). Faster payment recording gives an opportunity to update credit limits and therefore positively affects the efficiency of sales process handling as well as reduces the labor costs of the accounting department.


InSAPDecentralization WMS (MultiWarehouse Management)


The implementation of SAP WM ERP 6.0. is associated with many organizational and technological aspects. A particularly important element is the preparation of the appropriate functional processes in the warehouse or warehouses. Distribution of areas, space and storage methods - is one of the elements of the implementation process, which can be supported by our Prime WMS service.

In addition, the implementation process is connected with the preparation of the technical infrastructure - radio access network, terminals, and above all the server - for SAP WM.

Often, however, centralized WM installations, based on a single server with access from multiple locations is risky. Nowadays, the access to the data is not a problem - this can be variously organized using SAP dialog architecture. The main risk related to the central management of WM installation is that the warehouses are dependent on the central system. Therefore, SAP provides solutions for WMS decentralization, i.e. the distribution of servers controlling the warehouses, at the same time ensuring the complete data integrity with the central system.

Our product – the implementation of WM decentralization – is intended for companies with many warehouses in many locations, which do not want or cannot bear the risk of temporal interruption in their business operation due to lack of communication or access to the central system.

The implementation is based on our experience, skills and knowledge of WMS and SAP systems. Our extensive management skills and competencies related to SAP consulting are described in the Prime WMS project.

We offer SAP WM implementation and technical team. We have performed an implementation of a decentralized EWM. Therefore, there is no one who can compete with us in the area of WM and decentralized SAP EWM implementations.





Implementation of SAP ERP 6.0. in multisite or multi-company organizations should bring measurable effect related to time saving in the process handling.

The timekeeping of the process run or measuring the cost of the process should give an answer to the question regarding the validity of ERP systems implementation.

The ergonomics of activities in complex distribution processes is very important, particularly in organizations where supply chains are the major cost element but also the essential element of the competitive advantage. Chains scaling may be the subject of our product Prime SCM.

SAP ERP provides tools for scaling the management of the automatic settlement process. It is worth noting, that nowadays the intra- and non-EU settlements between companies using SAP ERP (especially within global corporations) are becoming more common. Our product – InSAPIntercompany fulfils the need of a scalable, ergonomic and tailored to the supply chain solution for intercompany settlements.

The InSAPIntercompany product is a friendly environment for mutual settlements between companies, based on SAP ERP configuration, automating processes, which are often related to the specific terms of these settlements. For example, we solve the problems connected with preparing variants for the taxation of the transactions between entities from different (e.g. three) countries, making the taxation dependent on the methods and directions of shipping.

InSAPIntercompany is a multilingual software, written in the SAP (ABAP / 4) environment, which is inseparably linked with the implementation process. During the implementation of the Intercompany solution, the processes are adapted to the organization and its structure.



WMS process organization (inSAPWMS Best Practice)


Workshops covering the area of warehouse management referring to all types of magazines – flow-through,  high rack storage, automatically controlled with an emphasis on warehouses controlled with roller conveyors.

Our experience is supported by many years of practice in the field of warehouse logistics on managerial positions in large commercial organizations.

The scope of the workshops encompasses a presentation of the best practices in the area of:

  • geography of the warehouses and intra-warehouse geography organization
  • storage organization
  • flow of goods and internal movement organization
  • area organization – identification points, cross-docking, reception areas, gate crews, transportation management (FMS – forklift management system and yard management)
  • multi-stage flow methods and multi-stage processes – external receipts, receipts from production,  issues with consolidation, packaging, multi-order-picking, output zones controlling, etc.
  • warehouse modeling in WMS systems - in SAP WM ERP 6.0.

The workshops are intended for logistics managers dealing with storage organization. If necessary, they can be extended to include subjects related to shipment and transportation management. During the workshops we put the emphasis on WMS modeling in SAP system.