Analysis of the functional requirements related to the selection of integrated IT systems supporting management.

We offer conducting a comprehensive analysis of the strategic, management and operational processes, human competence and infrastructure in order to describe the current state of the company.

This analysis is the basis for developing a common strategic concept for the development of operational infrastructure - determining directions and identifying areas that should or should not be computerized or improved.

In the next phase, we develop a detailed path to reaching these goals.

Selection of an integrated IT system supporting management and its supplier.

The aim of the PrimeSelect project is to help companies in a timely and consistent with the functional expectations supplier selection and implementation of an ERP class IT system supporting business management.


It includes identification of business processes in your company in order to determine which of them will be covered by the future implementation of the ERP system.


Together with you, we prepare the recommended functional and organizational range of the implementation. We define the objectives and expected benefits. We suggest the division of the implementation into phases by building a realistic schedule including all the company areas planned for the implementation. Knowing that investments in integrated systems are expensive, we present the project cost forecast.


We also offer assistance in the preparation of the inquiry to the supplier and in the preparation of a safe implementation agreement.

We support you during systems presentations, reference visits and negotiations. 


In short, we are able to organize the project of implementation of management supporting system in your company from beginning to end.

Audits of implementation projects.

Sometimes it happens that the implementation comes to a standstill, exposing the entire investment in the IT system to considerable losses. In this case, we offer the implementation project audit, aiming at determining the actual state of the implementation and assessing the labor intensity necessary to complete the project, as well as determining possible ways to break the deadlock.