The organization of the bidding process is based on:

  • analysis and description of the subject of an order
  • preparation of the bidding document (SIWZ or other form of request for quotation) – considering current legal norms
  • evaluation of the submitted bids based on Prime Evaluation Model
  • preparation and final verification of contract documents: agreement, activities schedules, budgets and settlement schedules
  • legal and substantial support in trading negotiations


The result of the process is the selection of the optimal business partner and the guarantee of safe execution of contractual obligations within the specified time and budget.

The essence of the bidding process is:

  • thorough knowledge about the service or product market concerned
  • substantive approach to the verification of the resources assigned for the realization of contractual tasks
  • practical experience in the preparation of contractual documentation (not only legal, but also practical approach to the preparation of binding contracts)


We specialize in projects in the area of: IT services and solutions based on construction law, public procurement procedures, advertising activities, services and systems supporting the supply chain management.